Private Wildlife Photography Safaris

Reg: (2018/225853/07)

Wildlife Photographic Safaris in Kruger Park



  • The largest national park in South Africa, Kruger is home to an impressive number of species:
  • 49 fish,
  • 34 amphibians,
  • 114 reptiles,
  • 507 birds and 147 mammals.
  • Kruger Park offers the BIG 5 animals namely: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino & Cape Buffalo.
  • Other favorite animals to photograph is Giraffe, Hippo, Zebra, Kudu, Crocodile and many more antelope species like Blue wildebeest , Sable & Roan antelope if you are very lucky all depends on the area you are traveling in.
  • An abundance of birds species around any time of year to photograph. Bird live in all the camps are in abundance and is a paradise for birders as you can spend some time in the middle of day when not on safari to view our many feathered friends.
  • Animals are very use to vehicles but not really to humans so this give you a change to get really close to animals in their natural habitat and serene environment.
  • All animals are wild and must be respected your guide will take good care of you because of their training, knowledge & past experience of dangerous animals in the wild.
  • Safari vehicle are not allowed to go off road as conservation is very important in Kruger National Park and also we are not to interfere with animals and specially on sensitive sightings. You are also to remain in the safari vehicle at all times when out in the bush.
  • In the units you do have warms water showers, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms with a outside veranda & table and chairs.
  • 220vt Electricity supply in all units - Please bring international adapters for all your charing equipment.
  • Camps are safe because of the electric fence surrounding the perimeter of the camp. In the evenings a walk around the camp with a flashlight gives you the change to view some nocturnal animals through the fence like Hyena and Genet or even some owls species can be found.
  • The sounds of the bush at night is something to experience like the roar of a Lion, or the woo of a Hyena or Jackal howling to the moon is amazing to hear. Fruit bats and many other species fly around at night an you can hear their echo-location peeping sounds.



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