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Bernhard Bekker & Hennie Bekker of B1 Photo Safaris Wildlife photographic guides

Bernhard Bekker & Hennie Bekker: Founders & Wildlife Photographic Guides

B1 Photo Safaris was born out of the passion of two brothers for the African wildlife and photography. Together we offer a unique product where 2 guides takes you out on a wildlife safari. Both Bernhard & Hennie Bekker will be your guides on any wildlife photography tour you book with us, this ensures a very informative and dedicated team to take you out into the African wilderness and take your wildlife photography to the next level.

Bernhard Bekker has been in the tourism industry since 1998 and have lead many successful wildlife photographic safaris in Kruger National Park and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Hennie has joined him for the past 4 years in their private safari company only focusing on small numbers of photographers at a time to make sure personal attention is given to valued guests.

Bernhard's wildlife photographs has been published in various publications magazines and newspapers world wide and video clips of wildlife and animal behavior has been seen by millions on YouTube, National Geographic and Discovery Channel.


Arno Pietersen wildlife photographic guide

ARNO PIETERSEN: Wildlife Photographic Guide

"I grew up in a very small place far from cities and crowds on a farm area. I started to take an interest in wildlife/animals long before I reached the age of 15. After school I started studying animals and did my diploma on animal health through the University of Pretoria and completed my Nature Guiding Studies in 2006.

I have been working/guiding since 2006 late September in the Bela Bela area in reserves such as Mabula Game lodge whereupon I returned in 2008 to the lowveld, longing for the Kruger National Park. I have been working in the park from 2009 till present doing Guiding and very soon fell in love with photography.

I have about 17 000 hours on safari now and a well stacked portfolio on wildlife photo’s including my famous Kudu Leaping Photo. It was published at first on my Facebook page where it went viral and reached 11 000 likes and 7000 Shares on social media within 48 hours. Media establishments all over the globe contacted me to have it published and even CNN wanted to have an interview with me on it. I was lucky as the famous French Travelling magazine called “La Figaro” published it on two whole pages via the Company called Greatstock Media.

Quintin van der Merwe wildlife photographic guide

QUINTIN VAN DER MERWE: Wildlife Photographic Guide

Being exposed to wildlife form the age of 18 months, my love for nature and wildlife has been part of me for as long as I can remember. Over many years of visiting Kruger National Park with my family on a regular basis, I decided to become a professional guide and qualified in 2011. Since then I worked in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, Timbavati Private Game Reserve and now Kruger National Park. I knew that I wanted, and needed to spend most of my time amongst the incredible wildlife Africa has to offer, and photographing them is one of the ways I capture all these memories and moments from running away.

I am a very passionate Wildlife Photographer and I am constantly looking for new, interesting and incredible moments to photograph. I have a lot of appreciation for everything, from the biggest to the smallest creature in Africa, as well as how everything in Nature works in a perfect balance.

Join me on a Photographic Safari in Kruger National Park and let me help you "Capture Africa", and let's make your African dream come true. I believe that: Everyday spent in the African Wilderness is a good day, but some days are just better than others.